Brought up in Brighton, dressed in jumpers made by my grandmother, I developed a love for traditional crafts and hand knitting from an early age. It is a passion that has remained with me to this day.

From the complex techniques of lace making and the traditional knots of Aran knitting, to the old toys I found in my grandmother's house, it is the fascinating stories and history behind each piece that continues to inspire my collections.

Using vintage fabrics and hand stitched detailing, I have created a collection of classic toys to be treasured for generations to come. I also offer a bespoke service. Working closely with clients I can match a doll's outfit to a particular occasion, creating miniature versions of a bridal party, Christening gown, birthday dress or any outfit of their choosing. Most recently, I have also started an exciting new venture to bring children's drawings to life. Using found materials and knitting, I create a true likeness of the original artwork in a framed picture.

In essence, I get to make tiny, hand stitched dolls clothes for a living and bring to life the fairy tales of my childhood and the personal stories of my clients in miniature – isn't that every little girl's dream job?
Laura Long portrait