NEW for Parents and Grandparents: Bring your child's drawings to life.

Children's drawings are precious. Their naive style and completely unique character should be celebrated and enjoyed forever. The position of the drawing on the page and the marks they make are what make each one unique to that child.

Bring the child's artwork to life by sending the finished piece to Laura who will recreate it in a stunning soft three-dimensional likeness of the original.
Using a combination of hand knitting, beautiful vintage fabrics and hand-embroidered detail, every stitch is carefully created to fully represent the child's hand drawing. The fabric is selected to match the colours of the child's drawing, even the hand writing can be perfectly reproduced with Laura's hand stitching.

This will be a completely unique piece of artwork to treasure for years to come. It is the perfect present for parents and grandparents – or an extra-special surprise for the little artist themselves.

How it works
Send the original artwork to Laura, either by scanning it in and emailing it. Or by post to the studio. Click here for contact details.
Please make sure that you write your name on the back (so it doesn't get lost). The original artwork will be returned with Laura's finished piece.
Each unique piece of art will be either A4 or A3 and the price will depend on the complexity of the drawing. Laura will send you a quote on receipt of the drawing.

The artwork is created on hard board for you to either frame yourself in a box-frame or you can choose to use Laura's amazing local framers.

This really is a timeless piece to keep forever.

Dimensions – A4 or A3

Price – This will depend on the complexity of the drawing. Price will range from £60 upwards.